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Frank Watts is a nature guide who decided to write this short story, Lockdown SA, while incarcerated at home, during a global pandemic.

Frank’s story is an emotional account of the impact of being incarcerated at home while an invisible virus ravishes the world. The man who gained fame from an epic wildlife encounter known as The Battle at Kruger now faces ruin as his chances of guiding again diminishes day by day.

Quietvox Audio

Quietvox Audio guides are for external guiding and traditionally been used on walking city tours.

The system produces professional audio which enhances the total touring experience for your guests hearing every word as the guide speaks in normal volume to even whispering  and minimize the guides vocal fatigue.


Enables guides to talk effortlessly on a hands free transmitter, there is no need for the guide to turn around or even raise his or her voice so all guests can hear the commentary. This also means that as responsible tourism awareness we are not influencing the natural way of nature with low noise communication.


The guide can turn all devices on and off whilst on safari.

The devices use either AA batteries or a charging station for long term hire.


We provide all materials and support and upgrades during the rental period. Sanitizing and cleaning can be done by staff with assistance from us if need be. We upgrade all devices as per technology changes where needed.


Other than open vehicle game drive Quietvox would also offer the perfect sound for walking safaris enabling the guide to keep focused on their soundings (dangers) and not having to group guests together to explain the situation (dangers).


Moving into post Covid 19 this could mitigate the risk factor of transmission for your sector in the industry and enable a safe and sanitary environment whilst on tour in your beautiful piece of South Africa

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For any queries on how the devices work or cost please contact me personally .

Robin Troup